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Gypset Co Minty Spikes Quartz Bracelet

$27.00 / Sold Out

Gypset Co - Handcrafted jewelry for the gypsies + the jet set

Minty Spikes Quartz Bracelet

Mint green ceramic beads adorned by recycled vinyl, pyrite and brass spikes. In the center is a chunk of blue quartz!

Bracelet is adjustable for best fit.

Please note, these are natural stones so they will vary slightly in appearance and shape.


A note from the designer behind Gypset Co:
We believe in originality and not conforming to the masses. Each piece we sell is unique and one of a kind. Keeping our jewelry line "small batch" helps us stay creative and the ability to constantly rotate designs. This means we typically don't make more than 5-10 of each piece we sell but most of the time we make just O N E || trying to keep it unique and special to the buyer. We pride ourselves in craftsmanship and originality.

We think it's important to stand out and be d i f f e r e n t // xx

Thank you for shopping small and supporting local, handmade businesses.

So please read the description thoroughly, thank you.